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The return of South Park

On September 30th, the long-running series «South Park«, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, returns to the screens. Season 24 begins in an unprecedented way: with a one-hour double episode, titled “Pandemic special” and referring, logically, to the global pandemic due to COVID-19. This is the first hour-long episode of the series, in which you will be able to see the life of the (not so) peaceful town of South Park adapted to the pandemic, as well as a great deal of winks and allusions to the US national and international politics.

It is also assumed that the whole season will address current issues, such as the electoral competition between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and the strain commercial relation with China. The length of the first episode could also be a sign of the rumours circulating about the launch of a new movie about the South Park universe, the second one, after more than 20 years, since the previous one was produced in 1999.

Life on Venus?

Captivation for the outer space has never stopped: the announcement that minerals from the Moon will be commercialized, the programs to prepare Mars for a potential human landing, the projects to investigate the icy moons of Saturn and Jupiter, and so on. Now, we can add to all these, the discovery of a mysterious substance in the clouds of Venus that could be a sign of life.

Through a telescope, the team led by astronomer Jane Greaves discovered the very possible presence of phosphine in the clouds of the neighbouring planet. Phosphine is a substance that is normally produced by anaerobic bacteria, which is why it is a sign of life. Although it can be produced artificially, none of the chemical processes that take place on Venus seem to explain it, so it is not ruled out that there is some kind of microscopic life that produces it.

The discovery is surprising since until now it was not thought that there could be life on Venus, a planet similar to Earth but with temperatures above 450 degrees and high levels of acid in its atmosphere. In any case, there is consensus that other possible origins of phosphine should be further investigated and discarded before continuing to think about the possibility of life.

What is dead may never die:

G.M. confirmed another ending for «Game of Thrones»

Writer George RR Martin, author of «A song of ice and fire», which inspired the series «Game of Thrones», confirmed that the literary saga will have a different ending in the series, since it has caused quite a stir due to the unexpected fate of some protagonists.

«People know an end, but not the end», were the words that the writer used on Twitter to publicly distance himself from the end of the television series, which apparently he didn´t like either. The literary saga is still unfinished, and it distanced itself from the series towards the end of the fifth season, at which point the producers of the show chose to put together a story of their own.

Martin’s announcement brought hope to fans across the universe, who hope they can reverse the shocking fate of some of history’s most popular characters.

Bolivia in turmoil:

Jeanine Áñez withdraws her presidential candidacy

The “de facto” president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, announced on September 17 that she will withdraw her presidential candidacy in the elections to be held in the neighbouring country on October 18.

Áñez took his decision after knowing the results of a survey that showed her in fourth place in the race, with almost no chance of winning, and in a scenario in which the MAS of the deposed Evo Morales could win in the first round and return to power. .

Jeanine Áñez took office on an interim basis, in a parliamentary assembly of questionable legality, after a civil and armed uprising that deposed President Evo Morales, after elections in which he had won for the fourth time in a row and which were contested by the opposition on suspicion of fraud. Although Áñez was supposed to promptly call new elections, the call was delayed and then postponed until October due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which generated a major crisis in the country that added to political instability. Áñez had promised that she would not run to compete in the elections, but finally decided to try to democratically revalidate her mandate. Faced with the disappointing prognoses from the polls, he decided to resign his candidacy and call for «unity for democracy» against an alleged «MAS dictatorship», which is favoured to return to the Palacio del Quemado.

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