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Farewell to Diana Rigg, «Lady Olenna»

The popular actress Diana Rigg, famous for her role as «Lady Olenna» in Game of Thrones passed away on September 10 at the age of 82. The event shocked the HBO community and fans of the popular series.

Rigg was born in 1938 in Great Britain, and spent part of her childhood in India, where her family had moved because of her father’s work. Back in Europe in 1946, little Diana knew that acting was her great passion in life. She began acting in a small theatre in 1957, making the leap to television in the following decade, nothing more and nothing less than in the series «Avengers» where she played the character of Emma Peel, becoming a pop icon of the time. In 1969, she ventured into film playing Countess Teresa de Vincenzo in the James Bond film «On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,» acting as the only known wife of the British secret agent character. She made her Broadway debut in 1971 and was a recognized pioneer for equal pay for actors and actresses. Between 2013 and 2017 the role for which she would be known by many young people in the series «Game of Thrones» would arrive; Lady Olenna Tyrell, a powerful head of the royal family with great cunning and political ability to navigate a universe largely dominated by male warriors. In this series, her character became popular due to the sharp dialogues she maintained, not without references to previous characters of the actress such as the one she played in «Avengers.» Goodbye, Diana.

The hopeful photo of a crocodile with its breeding

A shocking photo toured the networks in recent days and kindled hopes to save a species of crocodiles in danger of extinction. The image, taken by Indian photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee at a wildlife sanctuary in the north of that country, shows a male gharial crocodile swimming in a river with dozens of small hatchlings on its back.

The photo is of vital importance for ecology lovers, since it is believed that there are only 650 living adult specimens of the gharial crocodile species. At the time, the species, native to South Asia, had more than 20,000 live specimens, but the construction of dams, the drying of rivers and their capture in fishing nets quickly decimated them, leading them to find themselves in a serious danger of extinction. Currently, most of the specimens live in protected sanctuaries and reserves, such as the Chambal where the photo was taken.

In his networks, Mukherjee alluded to the important role that males of this species have in the care of their young, and announced that he will compete with his image in the 56th edition of the award organized by the Natural History Museum of London, one of the most important in the world of wildlife photography.

NASA announced mining projects on the Moon

The US space agency announced that it will encourage mining projects on the surface of the Moon. The news caused some controversy in the international arena, since it could conflict with a 1967 treaty that states that no country can claim sovereignty on the surface of the Moon.

NASA’s plan is to promote the exploitation of lunar resources through private companies, with which it undertakes to acquire all the minerals of interest that they extract from the Moon. These minerals would be used to install permanent bases on our star, and even a nuclear reactor.

The announcement is part of what appears to be a resurgence of the space race, which includes the promise to send a new mission to the Moon in 2022, and to begin preparations for an eventual human landing on Mars.

Diplomatic agreement between Israel and Bahrain

An important change took place last week in the troubled Middle East region: Israel and Bahrain reached a historic diplomatic agreement, by which they mutually recognize each other as states and fully normalize their relations.

Bahrain thus joins the United Arab Emirates who, a month ago, had also recognized the State of Israel. Both countries, along with Egypt and Jordan, are the only four Arab nations that recognize the State of Israel, a product of the conflict between the latter country and the Palestinian nation.

Precisely, the Palestinian National Authority described the signing of both agreements as «treason», since it understands that the historical Arab solidarity is broken to privilege the bond with Israel. The diplomatic turn in the region appears to be set against the backdrop of the growing common rivalry of the Arab countries and Israel with Iran, seen as a regional threat.

US President Donald Trump, who some time ago failed to implement a controversial peace plan between Israel and Palestine considered very unequal in favour of the Israeli nation, announced as an achievement the signing of the agreement with Bahrain, which was carried out personally by his son-in-law. , Jared Kushner. In this way, he inscribes this agreement in his re-election campaign, in which he will try to show himself as a guarantor of peace in the Middle East.

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