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Goodbye to Chadwick Boseman, «Black Panther» Star

The popular actor Chadwick Boseman, well-known for his starring role in the movie “Black Panther” (2018), died on August 28 due to colon cancer that he had kept in secret. The piece of news shocked the world of cinema, its followers and especially the Marvel universe, where it had achieved huge box office success, including the movie «Avengers: Endgame» (2019) that collected 2.7 billion dollars being the highest blockbuster movie of the entire history.

Chadwick was born in South Carolina in 1976, and was an actor, screenwriter and playwright. His origins in acting were on series like «Law & Order» and «CSI: NY.» He also starred in films referred to the African-American community such as «42» and «Get on up», until in 2016 he entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he played T´Challa in several films, winning several MTV Movie & TV Awards for his protagonists.

His unexpected departure moved the entire world of the show and generated a wave of messages of affection towards his loved ones.

The Story Barcelona – Messi

Lionel Messi and the Barcelona football club staged a busy week of twists and turns around a possible departure of the club star. Finally, the footballer decided to stay at the club until the end of his contract in June 2021, thus avoiding a trial.

It all started when the player sent a “fax” last week to the sports entity, informing him of his imminent departure from the club. Among the reasons that would have driven him, are the eliminations in the last three Champions Cups, the refusal to hire Neymar and a general bad relationship with Bartomeu, the president of the club. Messi also missed several training sessions and tightened the rope even more with the team at the same time that millionaire offers from the English and French leagues to hire him followed.

Bartomeu threatened to execute a clause that obliged the player to reward the club with 700 million euros in the event of termination of the contract. Although it was unlikely that this would be validated in the courts, the prospect of a judicial scandal and an eventual conflictive departure of Messi from the club and the city where he lived almost all his life and where he plans to settle once he retires helped to rebuild the spirits and it influenced so that finally it remained in the club until fulfilling the contract.

The ice of Antarctica, increasingly in danger

A study published in the journal LiveScience warned of the imminent danger of collapse of the ice shelves of Antarctica as a result of global warming. According to the publication, this phenomenon could precipitate the slide of coastal glaciers into the ocean, raising sea levels and putting millions of people living on the coasts at serious risk. According to the magazine, between 50% and 70% of peripheral ice is at risk of collapsing and melting.

The so-called peripheral ice are ice shelves that border Antarctica, and contain continental glaciers, preventing them from advancing over the sea.These peripheral ice are subject to «hydro-fractures», which are caused when seawater seeps below the surface, melting them from below and causing them to break apart and separate from the continent. Increasing air and water temperatures accelerates this process, producing more and more landslides. In turn, the much larger continental glaciers become «free» and begin to move towards the oceans, melting and raising sea levels.

Unbelievable: they found an Argentine woman who disappeared more than 25 years ago in a town in Spain

On September 2, the Spanish town of La Fresneda was the scene of a shocking event: an Argentine woman known as «Eva», but whose real name is Blanca, was found more than 25 years after being declared missing by her family.

«Eva» is Argentinian, was born in 1952 in the town of Quitilipi, Chaco Province, and she is the daughter of a Spanish couple. The family returned to Spain in 1973, where the woman and her brothers developed their lives normally. Blanca worked as a teacher in the city of León, until in 1995 she suddenly disappeared without a trace. The complaint was filed in 1997 by her family, who hired detectives to locate her. Apparently, the investigators would have found her but Blanca did not want to return to contact her family. In 2005, the woman sent them a letter with an updated photo, losing track of them ever since.

Blanca settled as “Eva” in the town of La Fresneda, 135 kilometers from León, where she developed cordial relationships with her neighbours, walking dogs and taking care of children. Alarmed because in recent days she had stopped being seen, they notified the police, who found her dehydrated and confused at home.

The news shocked the entire town, when it was discovered that she was the same woman wanted 25 years ago. The family appreciated the finding and plans to resume contact shortly, once Blanca recovers.

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